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"You can't fix what you can't see..."



 HUMAN:KINETICS can take your game

to the next level, regardless of your status as

novice, intermediate or seasoned player. This is how is done:



* One or more, on-court video-analysis session(s)*

* A complete video-analysis report (optional)



During the on-court video-analysis session(s). We'll videotape your game and stroke(s). You get to chose what you want to improve and work on to make the most of your Human Kinetics session. Then, during the same session; we'll provide immediate video-analysis feedback so you can apply this knowledge right away.


Our on-court video-analysis session(s) will give you insights on:


* your current technique

* footwork and court coverage

* body mechanics

* tennis strategy

* before and after video comparisons of yourself

* video comparisons of yourself vs professional players

* professional player videos and techniques


Optionally, We can take it to the next level: video-Analysis report


The video-analysis report is the best way to make the most of all video and on-court analysis provided to you during the on-court video-analysis session(s). 


The video-analysis report will provide you with the following:


A DVD with

* Video-analysis (voice-over recordings)

* Per-Stroke Before and After video-analysis recordings

* Video-analysis comparisons of yourself Vs professionals

* A summary of what you should focus on to improve your game

* Professional players video-analysis recordings


With the video-analysis report. You can always review our analysis at home and continually focus on improving your game every time you go back to the court. With this option, we can then provide you with all your video-analysis recordings.



*   See our Tennis:Plan to determine the number of  video analysis sessions you need.

This is how Professional Players and Elite Athletes develop their game; achieve faster results and take their game to the next level.

All at a fraction of the cost.


Why shouldn't you?

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