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We can analyze anything about your tennis game, from simple, basic strokes, to advanced and complex ones. We can also analyze your game strategy,  court coverage and body mechanics.

All in one hour.



The H:K plan




Out of any conceivable tennis plan*1 that exists

we simply add our H:K Video Analysis plan.



In one hour, we can fit:


4:Basic Stroke Selections *2


2:Advanced Stroke Selections *2


1:Strategy and Court Coverage Selection *2







Private sessions (1/2/3/4 people)*3:


+ On-court Video-Analysis session (1hr)

+ Video analysis and immediate feedback, on court

+ Current technique analysis

+ footwork and court coverage analysis

+ body mechanics analysis

+ tennis strategy analysis

+ before and after video comparisons of yourself

+ video comparisons of yourself vs professional players

+ professional player videos and technique reviews


+ Video-Analysis Report (DVD)

+ Take-home ALL video recording file(s).

+ In-depth, Technique “voice-over” analysis video(s)

+ In-depth body mechanics analysis and video(s)

+ Video comparisons (vs yourself and professionals)

+ Unlimited Q&A phone/email reviews with our experts



Group sessions (5+ people)*3:


+ On-court Video-Analysis session (1hr)

+ Video-Analysis Report (DVD) - Optional




You Can Always Add:


Nutritional Plans

Body & Physical Training Plans



No Matter What, You Will Become a Better Player!



For Pricing, Questions or Inquiries, click here:




*1  We  work with your current Tennis-Pro or we can provide our own.

*2  Depending on # of people in a given session; the # of analyzed strokes may vary.

*3  Better deals and discounts when sessions are selected as a "pack"

Stroke, Strategy and Program Selection


Basic Strokes

  • Forehand (Top-Spin)

  • Forehand (Slice)

  • Backhand (Top-Spin)

  • Backhand (Slice)

  • Forehand Volley

  • Backhand Volley

  • Forehand Lobs

  • Backhand Lobs


Advanced Strokes and Mechanics

  • Serve (Kick/Flat)

  • Serve (Slice/American)

  • Return of Serve (Forehand)

  • Return of Serve (Backhand)

  • Overheads

  • Drop Shots

  • Half Volleys

  • Footwork & Body Mechanics


Strategy and Court Coverage

  • Singles Court Coverage

  • Singles Patterns and Strategy

  • Doubles Court Coverage

  • Doubles Patterns and Strategy

  • Net Game

  • Baseline Game

  • Deffensive Tennis

  • Offensive Tennis


Specialty Plans

  • Nutritional Plans

  • Body & Physical Training Plans


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